iSON 2019 GITTA Awards: iSON Emerges BPO Company of the Year

2 July 2019

A Futurist’s View of the Voice-based Support Industry

11 June 2019

iSON BPO Wins 2019 Contact Centre of the Year Awards – BoICT Awards

29 April 2019

Employee appreciation key to employee satisfaction, says Pravin

29 March 2019


29 March 2019


February 2019

Gulf Capital and AfricInvest invest US$ 51 million into iSON Xperiences, the largest customer service and outsourcing provider in Sub-Saharan Africad

26 November 2018

Confidence for the Girl-child

21 August 2018

9mobile partners Girl Effect, iSON group to empower girls

19 August 2018

NGO moves to protect girl child

10 August 2018

NGO launches girl-child advancement initiative in Edo

1 August 2018

Airtel Zambia outsources call centre ops to ISON BPO instead of Tech Mahindra

7 June 2018

Success for Girls Connect as it scales across Nigeria

2 May 2018

Empowerment for Young Girls

29 March 2018

Business Process Outsourcing: Roar of the sleeping giant

26 March 2018

Our business is CSR oriented - Pravin Kumar

February 2018

Telecom iSON Technologies & OutSystems Partner to Deliver Low-Code Solutions for the African & Middle Eastern markets

January 2018

Giving a Voice to Adolescent Girls

24 January 2018

iSON group bags multiple honours at the 2017 NiTA

20 December 2017

iSON Technologies Win Two Covetious Awards @ NITA

20 December 2017

iSON Technologies: Focusing on Customer Delight With Novel Customer Experience Management Solutions

December 2017

iSON group honoured with special jury award for entrepreneurial spirit in Africa not work

12 December 2017

iSON Technologies transforming customer experience in Africa

28 November 2017

iSON Group shortlisted in two categories for AABLA’s 2017 Finalist

27 september 2017

Sub- Saharan Africa’s ICT industry valued at $10 bn

September 2017

Frost & Sullivan recognizes iSON's diversification strategy in WAfrica

September 2017

iSON: Enhancing Lives of a Continent and building communities through technology

September 2017

Lifeline For Female Empowerment: Girl Effect Launches “Girls Connect” Mobile Service In Nigeria

23 August 2017

Dial 1 for Empowerment: The Toll-Free Number Giving Nigeria's Girls Advice

31 July 2017

How iSON Fosters Outsourcing Culture in Africa

24 July 2017

iSON Technologies implements Oracle Property Manager Solution

25 July 2017

Sànnu. Ibaulachi. Bawo. Hello, Africa

25 June 2017

Indian-African to use 'Digital India' as global case study

8 May 2017

Moving up the BPO value chain

26 May 2017

iSON Technologies sets up East African hub in Nairobi

17 May 2017

Mr. Ramesh Awtaney, Chairman & Founder, iSON Group Speaks During LBSABS 2017

April 2017

iSON is Setting Global Standard for BPO Business in Nigeria’

6 October 2016

Outsourcing adds $300m to Nigeria’s economy yearly, says iSON BPO

5 October 2016

ISON Utilises Local Talent for Technology Development

September 2016

Outsourcing as Mainstay for Micro Economies in Nigeria

22 September 2016

Tech entrepreneur bets big on the youth of Africa

3 June 2016

African safari: building skill sets, then plugging in

11 January 2016

Want to scale up to 100,000 employees in five years: Ramesh Awtaney

31 December 2015

iSON technologies acquires GTS

30 December 2015

ISON group wins ASSOCHAM India-Africa Champion in Biz Award 2015

19 October 2015

Awtaney: Business Outsourcing is About Developing Local Talents

September 2015

Outsourcing Has Huge Potential t Grow Nigerian Economy’

September 2015

Business Morning: ISON Plans Modern Call Centres In Nigeria Pt 1 11/09/15

September 2015

Outsourcing – an essential tool for rapid growth in Nigerian economy

September 2015

De Nairobi à Lagos, Ison répond sur toutes les lignes

August 2015

ISON to add 9 more centers with 5000 more employees in Nigeria

17 July 2015

ISON to Solidify Footprint in Nigeria with 4 More Call Centres

14 July 2015

iSON BPO While the continent does have an educated population

29 November 2014